Crippled God

Other fun stuff: he has cults and empires beyond the ones we’ve seen. The Pannion Domin, the Letherii Edur, the 7C Apocalypse (both versions), the new cult in Darujhistan, the attempted coup by Skinner’s Crimson Guard… these are all just parts of the puzzle.

Last Chaining was only a decade ago or so. He was a threat enough that they needed another binding.

There has, according to Kruppe’s speculation, been many chainings, of which we know at least 3. It is probable that it is Burn weakening and the CG becoming stronger that is the cause of the chainings becoming more frequent.

In TtH Endest Silann muses on warrens and elements, thinking about how most start pure and isolated from all the rest but inevitably they’ve all mixed together to some extent now, from before any of the races created, and thus it didn’t matter if Darkness was first or not, it only mattered when it came into contact with other unknown warrens/aspects. All this being before the Andii were created, since Life was needed for that and they always had Death. And he goes on thinking about how it wasn’t so much the creation of Light as the joining of Light and Dark both already existing yadayadayada…

But hypothetically we could tie that into this issue. Suppose, perhaps that all the elements/warrens we know are conjoined together in a complex relationship. Likewise, you can then have another similar set of other warrens/elements conjoined together somewhere else. So long as none of set A are interacting with any from set B and vice versa, they’d be like seperate dimensions.

So, I hypothesize that the warrens with much interactivity and conjointedness are easy to travel between, make portals, etc. As the warrens/realms/elements are less and less conjoined, it becomes more difficult to both detect, travel to and manipulate the warren from the other. Thus you get Aral Gamelon, which is difficult to access but still do-able by a skilled summoner, and furthermore apparently many mages don’t even know about it. Aral Gamelon has little interaction with the warrens as we know them. Then, beyond even that, whatever world(s) the CG is from could be even further from there, an alien realm nigh-inaccessible to anyone from the warrens we know, taking a whole cadre of very skilled mages a massive Ritual to even reach that far…

The Jaders drift in space. From where? From the CG realm of course… as far as we understand- As always, I have to debate this point. While Heboric might think certain thoughts in his tea-dream, he is just speculating, and then he goes right into one of the statues and there are folk in there who are from a wide manner of worlds, some where they’ve killed all their gods, some where they haven’t etc etc, thus bespeaking a diversity of places from whence the folk within the statues come from.

Confirmed, Apt. I think it was Midnight Tides when Wither visioned Udinass, when he said Chainy had enough threats in his own realm to check out the portal that lured and ensared him.

Abyss brought up the love / phallic imagery of the CG…he does state sporadically (paraphrased) “I was once a most loving god..most could not comprehend how loving, I could be.”

I think the CG’s only interest in the first Apocalypse was trying to get his hands on the part of KE that Dryjhna was using, and didn’t have anything to do with the original Apocalypse. And didn’t Paran say something about the cult that Felisin fatter lead, that it was no longer a part of the House of Chains? that it needed its own card?

So the CG may have started the second Apocalypse, but now it is something totally different to what it was meant to be.

My take on the CG is that he came from a place that was so different to Wu that they had nothing like Warrens, or Houses and Holds where he came from. That’s why he couldn’t be put into a Azath when he arrived becusehis nature isn’t in ture with the rest of Wu’s universe, that’s why he had to chained instead.

Plus i don’t believe that he has much control over the House of Chains. He may have created it, but as Gethol tells Kallor in Moi ’ that it exists beyond the CG’s influence’ and that ‘He has cast the House of Chains into the world, indeed he abandons it to its fate’. So l take that to mean that Paran’s blessing of the House, does nothing to affect the CG, and although the House and it’s members may reflect the CG’s plans it doesn’t always mean that he is in control of it.

A crazed (seriously, crazed) group of fanatics is left behind after the fall of the Pannion Seer. Whatever is going to organize the leftovers of the Pannion Domin is going to be as bad or worse than what they were following in the first place. We know (I think it was from Mael) that ascendents are shaped by their followers as much as they shape themselves. So, to a certain extent, it makes sense that a dying civilization has embraced dying in the form of the Dying God.

Crippled God

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