Malazan Peoples



RARE HUMANOID: ur-human T’lann Imass, Thelomen Toblakai: Fenn, Teblor, Trell

EXTINCT: Jaghut, half-breeds are Jhag, some diluted blood in lines like Trell and Boles of Mott Wood known as Jhag Bolead.

INHUMAN: K’Chain Che Malle, Stormriders, Tiste Edur/Andii/Liosan

MAGICAL: lycanthrope [soletaken and d’ivers from the First Empire], undead [ritual of Tellann, Edgewalker, undead Jaghut, Hood’s House and inhabitants of the realm, or from necromancy magic like the servants of Korbal Broach]



Barghast= Location: various continents (Genabackis) Information: a pastoral, nomadic, warrior society—tribal and clan affiliations are identifiable by woad tattooing. Barghast are larger than humans (as they are descended from Thelomen Toblakai), although they share a common ancestor (Imass). They worship an unknown pantheon of weaker gods, although their shamans work through warrens and bargain with foreign gods. Typically, they posses a cynical or otherwise odd sense of humor. The strongest clans on Genabackis are the Ilgres and the White Face Clan. Barghast and Moranth are none-too-friendly, although both languages are comprehensible to each group. Barghast Berserking – Axes, Clubs, Broadswords. Social Limitation: Unwashed, hairy, inhuman barbarian. Distinctive Features due to their dreadlocks, fetishes, coating of grease, warpaint and other charming cultural practices.

Jaghut = Location: various continents Information: an Elder race of powerful, solitary beings. Taller and broader than humans, they have gray-green skin and gray hair, with tusks protruding from their bottom jaws. They possess two hearts and possibly duplicates of other organs as well, making mortal injuries difficult to achieve—death through accident or other physical cause is also the only known way to kill Jaghut, as their longevity rivals that of gods. Their warren is Omtose Phellack, and as such they prefer cold, Arctic climates. Their desire for solitude is only interrupted by two things: the T’lan Imass and their eternal war, or Jaghut Tyrants, who possess a singular will to enslave and dominate everything. Half-breeds are known as Jhag.

Jheck = They are a race of soletaken who first came, from the First Empire, to the continent currently inhabited by the people of Lether. Born of the Beast Ritual to create soletaken, the T’lan Imass destroyed the First Empire because of that. The Jheck in their soletaken form are artic wolves. They live in the Jheck Wastelands east of the Tiste Edur lands.

Trell = Location: Seven Cities (plains west of Jhag Odhan) Information: a short, wide people with brown skin, dark hair braided with fetishes, and large canines. Descendants of the Imass who did not arrive in time for the Ritual of Tellann—their lands are virtually untouched by any foreign civilization. The Trell are all from the Nemil area in western 7C. Presumably they have some TTT/Toblakai blood in their ancestry and also very likely some jaghut blood from the jaghut that used to occupy the area or from the Jhag tribes that still did until very, very recently.

Soletaken and D’ivers = Location: various continents Information: rather than a specific race, Soletaken are shapeshifters born from any other human or humanoid race. They can change into any one animal form at any time, and the transformation (called “veering”) is accompanied by a blurring of the form and a sharp, spicy smell. Those who are more powerful are capable of changing into multiples of a certain animal, and are called D’ivers. The number and size of forms depends on how powerful the D’ivers is—some have been shown to change animal form and increase the number of transformed beasts as their power increases. The Soletaken Ritual drove the “First Heroes” (Treach, Ryllandaras, & others) insane. Personally i’ve come to believe that Ryllandaras managed to bottle up all his shapeshifting madness – because that is a well documented side effect of being a shapeshifter – inside one of his d’ivers jackals, then cut that one loose. The madness twisted the lone d’ivers into the man-jackal, and Ryllandaras d’ivers was free to live a life of religious fulfillment so to speak, as whatever form he might choose.

[[T’lan Imass | T’lan Imass]] = Location: various continents Information: formerly known as the Imass, a short, squat humanoid race that underwent the Ritual of Tellann to become undead warriors. They possess little of culture anymore considering eons have passed since the Ritual, and instead have a singular, fixed purpose: eliminating all Jaghut from the world. Those who have been heavily damaged lose their purpose and must submit to destruction or become outlawed and hunted by the other clans. Because they are undead, they are generally desiccated and possess broken or missing limbs. They can collapse into dust and travel thousands of leagues before reforming into physical bodies – water is no particular obstacle. Sight is altered, due to shriveled eyes – T’lan Imass can sense the “flame of life” that surrounds living beings, and can therefore detect heat, color, movement, and magic. Shamans (who are also Soletaken) are known as Bonecasters. There are some Imass who refused the Ritual or who were too late to arrive, and remain in their fleshy forms – they are viewed as outcasts from the rest and are shunned. Whoever sits on the First Throne can command the T’lan Imass within range of the Throne’s power, although currently that seat is vacant.

Thelomen Toblakai = Location: various continents (Genabackis) Information: humanoid descendants of the Imass, standing over seven feet tall and with the muscle to match. Their faces are flat and wide, and they are capable of interbreeding to produce half-breed Toblakai. Pure-bloods have four lungs and may possess multiples of other organs as well, making them extremely difficult to kill through violence. Average lifespan is several centuries long – maturity (for males) is not reached until eighty or so years. They are remarkably strong and swift, and heal much more quickly than humans (immune to infection as well). Due to the blood-oil some tribes rub into their skin, they are immune to most magic as a result of the magic-deadening otataral present in the oil. Blood-oil also sends those who come into contact with it into a murderous frenzy. As a people, they possess little knowledge of their history and have fallen into a barbaric, tribal lifestyle – they know themselves by different names: Teblor (Genabackis), Fenn (Quon Tali), Tarthenal (Lether), and Toblakai. Q: This may sound strange, but one of the most popular questions from fans remains how tall is Karsa Orlong. Could you please lay this matter to rest? A: Probably a little over eight feet—that’s more or less how I envisage him when I’m writing.

Thel Akai = ancestors of Thelomen Toblakai. The stand taller, the height of 2 men. Ereko and Bellurdan were last remaining Thel Akai that we know of.

Tiste Andii = Location: various continents (invaders from Kurald Galain) Information: taller than humans, with black skin (actually black, like the color, not in the sense of those of African descent) and white, silver, or sometimes red or black hair that is generally kept long. Their eyes are slanted, epicanthic (Asian), and change color according to moods. Actual life-span is unknown, as the Tiste Andii are extremely long-lived, and may be immortal unless killed through accident or other physical means—aging is slow, and dragon-blooded Andii possess more youthful features. They are slow breeders and, due to their longevity, are inclined towards melancholy and apathy. A good number can access their warren, Kurald Galain, and all are generally stronger and faster than humans. Share similarities in appearance with Tiste Edur and Liosan, but are not friendly with either group.

Tiste Edur = Location: various continents (mainly Lether, invaders from Kurald Emurlahn) Information: taller than humans, with dull gray skin and hair that ranges in color from dark red to dark brown. Their eyes are slanted, epicanthic (Asian), and of various colors. Slow to age, they are not as long-lived as Tiste Andii or Liosan, and breed with more regularity. The females mature more quickly than the males, and theirs is a patriarchal society with strong female influence. The tribes found on Lether are the Arapay, Sollanta, Merude, Den-Ratha, Beneda and Hiroth. Not all Edur can use magic from Kurald Emurlahn. Share similarities with Tiste Andii and Liosan, but have less-than-friendly relations.

Tiste Liosan = Location: various continents (Kurald Thyrllan) Information: taller than humans, with luminous, white skin (the color white, not caucasian) and silver or gold hair that is generally kept long. Their eyes are slanted, epicanthic (Asian), and silver in color. Slow-aging and as immortal as the Tiste Andii, they live for thousands of years and may live forever unless killed through accident or other violent means. Due to their longevity, they are slow breeders. Unlike their Tiste Andii kin, however, Tiste Liosan tend to be high tempered, arrogant and zealous, dedicated to their god, Osric. Martially organized, they are led by warrior priests capable of accessing Kurald Thyrllan. Though they share similarities with the Tiste Andii and Edur, they view the Andii as abominations and the Edur as lesser beings only worthy of servant status.


[[K’Chain Che’Malle | K’Chain Che’Malle]]

Malazan Peoples

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