Amorite kingdom of Mari, They are described as a powerful people of great stature “like the height of the cedars,” who had occupied the land east and west of the Jordan; their king, Og, being described as the last “of the remnant of the giants” (Deut. 3:11)

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Imass (neanderthals)

Barghast (ogre blood)


Goblins (Forest Gnomes? Stors.) (City scum, beggars, drunks) (breed like rabbits and mostly ignored)

Elves (Tiste Liosan. lotus addicts; they guard its cultivation fiercely)

Golem (some independent via elite golemancy. Golemancers)

Troglodytes (only tame ones are well fed with scent sacs removed. worker trogs instead of soldier trogs. dwell underground.)

Sahaugin (Deep ones) “Seadevils” dwell in warm salt water depths, predatory in the extreme and kill for sport and pleasure as well as food. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sahuagin

Trolls (ancient defeated civilization forced to withdraw from the land: from cavewights forced underground to swamp trolls forced into the deep marshes to ice trolls like Guttlekraw forced north to the land of Black Ice) Cavewights are dimly intelligent subterranean creatures skilled in metal working and mining. They are weak willed, and are easily intimidated by Lord Foul into serving him (though they once traded openly with the humans of the Land). They are described as having “long, scrawny limbs, hands as huge and heavy as shovels,” plus “a thin, hunched torso, and a head shaped like a battering ram.” Drool Rockworm is a cavewight. Overcome by magic which they can’t/won’t/don’t use.

Ogres – never civilized dim-witted barbarian giants with tusks and mottled yellow skin. nomadic warrior society of the far east plains and hills. Very chaotic, independent society. Hate being told what to do. If any leader seems to have too much control over the tribes they all band together and take him down. Resistant to magic. If they had a mind to they could rule the world, but too intent on destroying each other.

Thranx (extinct) Dwarves (extinct) Gnomes (extinct) Orcs (extinct) Halflings (extinct)


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