The Empire has pushed too far, too fast, and in too many directions. They’re now facing fierce resistance on several fronts, as well as a potential civil war.

After Laseen killed, Mallick Rell is Emperor. The center of power is shattered and flowing back to the great cities, the areas between tense with clashes between old royalty re-asserting their claims. The Malazan Army is still spread about the globe, and the separate troops have been called on to return home, to help firm up the new Emperor’s power base.

  • The Claw under his control.
  • The Ottoral mines all tapped out.

Move the plot forward as planned in areas the players don’t participate.

Of note with cavalry, horse casualties are an unfortunate result of the Empire’s wars, and now getting scarcer. The Seti tribes horse population was taken nearly in its entirety by the Empire for use in its foreign wars. The Wickan purge and the death of much of its cavalry on Genebackis. The price of horses has gone sky-high.


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