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Kallorian Empire:
The empire created by Kallor on Jacuruku. It was destroyed by a combination of the Crippled God’s fall and Kallor’s tantrum at the coming of three Elder Gods.
Timing of the Kallorian Empire’s destruction:
119,736 years before Burn’s Sleep (three years after the Fall of the Crippled God)
“Fifty years…to conquer an entire continent.” – Kallor
“The Circle brought down a foreign god. Aye, the effort went. . .awry, thus sparing me the task of killing the fools with my own hand. " – (MoI, UK mmpb, p.38)
Jakuruku was the seat of the Kallorian Empire. Its said that after he saw his Empire crumbling around him Kallor himself destroyed all that he had built with chaotic forces that scourged the continent clean. Its now just blasted rock and ash, populated by ghost winds and deadly mutant creatures of types never seen.

The Human First Empire existed at the same time as the Kallorian Empire. Based in the Seven Cities Continent.
“The First Empire, from which vast fleets had sailed forth to map the world. The coasts of all six continents had been charted, eight hundred and eleven islands scattered in the vast oceans, ruins and riches discovered, ancient sorceries and fierce, ignorant tribes encountered. Other peoples, not human, all of whom bled easily enough. Barghast, Trell, Tartheno, Fenn, Mare, Jhag, Krinn, Jheck . . . Colonies had been established on foreign coasts. Wars and conquests, always conquests. Until . . . all was brought down, all was destroyed. The First Empire collapsed in upon itself. Beasts rose in the midst of its cities, a nightmare burgeoning like plague…The Emperor who was One was now Seven, and the Seven were scattered, lost in madness. The great cities burned. And people died in the millions.” – (MT, UK Trade, p.421)
Destrai Anant, God Chosen, the Well of the Spirit (Destriant). Feather Witch (RG)
And a Shield Anvil — a T’orrud Segul in the language of the First Empire
Mortal Sword – equates to First Sword?
“Soletaken and D’ivers…The ritual unleashed powers that ran wild. Like a plague, shapeshifting claimed thousands, unwelcomed, no initiation – many went mad. Death filled the city, every street, every house. Families were torn apart by their own…All within but a handful of hours’ – (DG, UK MMPB, p.516-7)
“Alchemies that slowed ageing…Six, seven centuries for each citizen. The ritual killed them, yet the alchemies remained potent.” – (DG, UK MMPB, p.515)
It began to crumble under the rule of Dessimbelackis. Wars raged in the west, and a misguided attempt by some of its citizens to control the magic of shapeshifting led to the transformation of nearly an entire city into Soletaken and D’ivers. This alerted a group of T’lan Imass to the source of the sorcery, who then slaughtered as many afflicted citizens as possible. The Soletaken and D’ivers who escaped became known as First Heroes. The threat was also present on the continent of Lether, leading to the creation of the Jheck. the Jheck were Soletaken (wolves). The colonists succeeded in driving them away to the northern ice wastes, hoping they would die out there.
After the Empire started crumbling, its colonies became isolated. The Empire’s colonies on Lether lost contact with their progenitor, leading to a short period of independent city-states, eventually leading to the Kingdom of Lether. Many people believed King Diskanar would, at the end of the Seventh Closure, ascend and assume the title of First Emperor, making the First Empire reborn.
“Dessimbelackis,” said Curdle. “He held Chaos in his hands. He told us its secret – what he had made of it. He was desperate. His people – humans – were making a mess of things. They stood as if separate from all the animals of the world. They imagined they were the rulers of nature. And cruel their tyranny, so cruel. Slaughtering the animals, making the lands barren deserts, the skies empty but for vultures.”
“Soletaken,” said Olar Ethil. “D’ivers. He created a ritual out of chaos – to bind humans to the beasts, to force upon them their animal natures. He sought to teach them a lesson. About themselves.”
“Yes, Elder. Yes to all of that. He brought the ritual to his people – oh, it was an old ritual, much older than Dessimbelackis, much older than this world. He forced it upon his subjects.” – (DoD, mmpb, p.1084)
First Hero was an old name for an ascendant dating from the time of the human First Empire. They were Soletaken and D’ivers who had managed to escape Dessimbelackis’ ritual.
Trake was born of a soletaken ritual during the period of the first empire, and subsequently survived the slaughter delivered by the T’lan Imass . He Ascended as a First Hero but in the hundreds of years which followed he slowly lost his concious mind, remaining locked in his soletaken beast form.

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The Human First Empire was entrenched on the Seven Cities continent, with growing colony powers on Lether and Genabackis. However, they stripped the lands of resources and animals and were forced to expand outward. The Emperor Dessimbelackis sought to teach them a lesson by a ritual meant to bind humans to beasts. However, the ritual went wrong and many of the soletaken/d’ivers were insane and fought amongst themselves, then the Imass came and killed most of them off. [they spread themselves too thin and then the Ascendant Emperor Dessimbelackis attempt for Godhood as the D’ivers Deragoth (once 7 now 5, also that which gave the name to Seven Cities) caused the divers calamity]. From the wreckage of the 7C the Gnolls rose to power scavenging off the remains of the fallen cities. The humans on the west side of 7C had delved into necromancy for power and threw off the yoke of the empire.

On Genebackis the elves withdrew into their own realms, abandoning the other races to destruction. In the wreckage, unchecked from underground rose the might of the Troglodyte Nation.

On Lether the nobles made pacts with demons and used this power to declare their independence


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