Adventure Paths

It is the story of a vast empire, soft due to complacency, that is being threatened by the barbarian hordes basically. All that stands in the way of the main barbarian armies is one fortress, vastly undermanned, and the soldiers there aren’t really soldiers at all but farmers volunteering as soldiers. And at fifty to one odds against, their chances of holding the fort until their empire can raise a REAL army aren’t looking good. Enter Druss, fat old man and legendary warrior, who has never lost a battle, who has never given up, who has never sacrificed his principles. The main point of this book is, can the defenders hold out long enough, can this living legend fighting with them give them enough hope to survive. The question isn’t whether they will win, but rather how long until they lose.

•Recovering Ruins

•Exploring the Unknown

•Investigating an Enemy Outpost

•Destroying an Ancient Evil

•Visiting a Lost Shrine

•Fulfilling a Quest

•Escaping from Enemies

•Rescuing Prisoners

•Using a Magic Portal

•Finding a Lost Race

Adventure Paths

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